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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The White Blouse

One item on my spring must have list is a flowy white blouse.  Not to be confused with the white button-up shirt, which is a standard closet staple.  As of late I have been seeing light, airy white blouses in chiffon fabric that look like a dream!  Yes, definitely on the must have list!  These lovely white blouses can be worn much like a standard white dress shirt; tucked into jeans, trousers or a nice pencil skirt.  From the blouses that I have been seeing, not only does the fabric add a cloud-like appearance, there are usually details such as bows, pleats or ruffles which add even more texture and romanticism to the blouse.  I do own a ruffled white blouse however the fabric is heavy and shiny which isn't really suited for spring and summer.  It's been called my Seinfeld Pirate blouse! 

Positively hilarious!


 This blouse in particular is so flouncy.  I also love how it can be worn so casually, but if you were to take the same blouse, slip a camisole on underneath and pair it with some slim fitting or cropped trousers, it would be perfect for the office.

 The cuffs on this Elizabeth and James blouse for me are what makes it so awesome!  An absolutely ethereal piece.

Have I sold anyone on airy white blouses for the springtime?  I know, it's virtually impossible to think of spring with the weather we have been having but I swear it's has to right?

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