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Sunaina of Sunaina's Spot  
Sunaina is an inspiration to A Pleasury.  She has a fresh take on fashion and is a creative artistic mind with business savvy to boot!

"I am a 22 year old business student. For the past couple of years my love for fashion has increased. I get my inspiration and outfit ideas from countless hours of browsing through a variety of different stores, from vintage stores on Whyte to Urban Outfitters in WEM, boutiques, department stores, strip malls, the internet - you name it: looking for great style matched with a great price.  If i see something that i like, i head to the mall and look for something similar and never hesitate to try something new!  You only live once might as well live it up with style."

Shaelee of Shae's Corner
Shaelee is a fab girl and a positive example for young ladies everywhere.  She will be a feature monthly guest blogger on A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines writing about teen fashion! 

"Shaelee is a grade 8 student in Edmonton and is into the arts and fashion!  Shaelee is the kind of girl that likes to wear jeans and bright colored shirts and accessories. She also loves to wear make-up because she thinks it is almost like painting your face, in a good way. Shaelee and her friends like to share their fashion styles, and love to shop!"  

Stay close to see what fun and trendy styles she has to share!!

Screen Ember Media 
Screen Ember Media founders, Brian Podruzny and Andrew Fiebiger, have transformed their love for photography, videography and graphic art into an avante-garde, multi-service company.  Their undertakings to date include conceptual projects, self-portraits, film, special event photography and videography and political campaign media direction. 

Screen Ember Media has lent their expertise to A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines through directing fashion photo shoots and videos, and producing flawless, artistic and daring visual experiences.

Amie Gondziola 

Amie Gondziola is an Edmonton-based painter, sketch artist and sculptor.  She has a wide range of influences including Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Kehinde Wiley, Laylah Ali and Angelina Wrona.  Her portfolio includes portraiture, still-life, landscapes and seascapes, gestural and abstract pieces, as well as sculpture. She creates her pieces using a wide variety of media, such as pencil, pencil crayon, oil pastel, chalk pastel, water color, oil and acrylic paints, and clay. 

Amie Gondziola is the gifted hand that created the brilliant shoe sketches found on the home page.  Her sketch of Stacey and Rowena’s shoes is a perfect marriage of accuracy and whimsy.

Prasann Patel 

"Prasann Patel has always found inspiration where one would least expect it. Since his youth, he has had a yearning for a creative outlet; Sculpting required the nimbleness that the then adolescent did not possess, painting’s patience and form asked too much, understanding the fundamentals of proper English took a priority before poetry dared to spill from his pen, all the while he let music do nothing but play sweetly; Then a camera was placed into his hands and by the pressing of a button, mechanisms caused to flicker a mirror, adjust an aperture, and roll film all within a span of less than a second twisted his frame of reference of the world.


Not quite. Despite the advances of the now digital screens, sensors, and built-in light meters, perfection was and is miles kilometers away. Now the accounting student of nearly twenty-three years of age still yearns for that perfection. And with each day taken as learning experience, he earns himself a step towards that goal."

Prasann did all the photography for our New Year's Eve Photo Shoot .

Barbie Soliman
"My passion for makeup and its art form started when I discovered what lipstick was at the age of five, when I would steal my mother's lipstick and stare at my lips in the mirror, intrigued at how different I looked with it on. Soon my mother caught on that her lipstick drawer was slowly depleting so she hid her stash somewhere I wouldn't be able to get my hands on them. I had to be crafty and figure out another way I could paint my lips so I reached for my crayon box and went to town! Unfortunately, that didn't exactly work out the same. It did however, lead to the discovery of pastels (that works on the lips, FYI!) Twenty years later, I am still staring in the mirror, debating whether to go nude lips... or bright lips.... (except it always ends up bright lips....) =) Needless to say, my affection for lipstick grew into a full blown addiction to makeup, and its magic to transform and enhance one's unique beauty. As a makeup-artist for M.A.C cosmetics, and a freelance artist, I feel truly blessed that I get to enjoy my passion as a career everyday. My motto is as follows: "you don't look like s**t, you just need to put some mascara on! =P"

Barbie Soliman

Barbie made Row and Stacey smashing for the New Year's Eve Photo Shoot.

To book an appointment or consultation with Barbie Soliman, please contact her at 780.920.0020 or