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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Pleasury New Year's Eve Photo Shoot

Welcome back Pleasury readers!! We missed ya!! Hope you all had a great holiday. Stacey and I wrapped up our New Year's Eve photo shoot yesterday and had a spectacular time with everyone involved in the shoot. Special thanks to Barbie Soliman, Prasaan Patel, Tara Pierce, Kasim Kasim, and Michelle Desnoyers!

New Year's Eve is the one time of year that we can be as over the top as we want to. Like, we're talking head to toe sequins, feather fascinators, and glitter and gold! You spoke, we listened. After receiving requests for New Year's Eve outfit ideas, A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines decided to put together a photo shoot showcasing playful party clothes that embody what New Year's Eve is all about.

In usual Pleasury style we pounded the pavement with less than 2 weeks to New Year's Eve and successfully handpicked an ideal location, Padmanadi restaurant, and partnered with a clothing boutique that oozes all that is ornate, sophisticated, and wearable, that being Black & Bold Boutique.

Rowena is dawning a silver sequined mini dress accented with a feathered, jewel encrusted headband, and a heart shaped minaudiรจre. Topped off with a black fringe jacket channeling Stevie Nicks and Cher! Don't you just love the silver t-strap shoes by Betsy Johnson? Sooo Christmasy!!

Stacey is charming in black wearing this sculpted fluid dress with a silver boulder statement necklace and a wire mesh bow headband. What makes this outfit so Tim Burton-esque is the rhinestone spider brooch crawling on her fur bolero. No detail missed. Even the sky high black peep toe pumps stepped it up with a hot pink sole. 

Stacey's outfit achieved the perfect balance of edgy and romantique. The black lace long-sleeved sheer top matched with black lace tights make for the perfect back drop for the gold metallic mini skirt with bow. Like a shining star in the night sky! Highlighted by a feathered and jeweled brooch used as a head piece and a bronzed multi-strand bracelet. The shoes bring this outfit to life with vivid animal print and a sweet little horseshoe for good luck!  Stacey's most beloved piece in this outfit is this antique inspired bedazzled clutch.  She loved it so much, it was bought for her as a Christmas gift.  Row's a sweety :)

Let's talk about sequins.  We personally feel that one can wear sequins any time of year and any time of day, but for you shy ones, it's now or never.  Row's shimmering in a 3/4 length ruched sleeve sweater with an embellished sequined front.  Matched with a horizontal striped black and white sequined mini.  Fiery red tights and a jeweled vintage-inspired beetle brooch worn as a barrette, adds some sweetness to this outfit.  If you're mad about tartan, consider these patent-leather laced heels.

All the pieces used in this shoot are from Black & Bold (10826 124th Street in Edmonton), and can be purchased for under $150 CAD.  Black & Bold is currently offering 20% off for the month of January and shoes are 50% off.  Head to...not RUN to Black & Bold today. Regardless of the occasion, Tara has what you need and is a wizard at styling.  Stay close as we will be featuring creative ways to wear these pieces not only for New Year's Eve, but how to incorporate them into your day to day style!

It was such an honour to work with these amazingly talented individuals.  Tomorrow's post will be a tribute to Barbie Soliman (make-up artist), Prasaan Patel (photographer), Tara Pierce (Owner of Black & Bold) and Kasim Kasim (Owner of Padmanadi Restaurant).


  1. AMAZING SERIE ! I want to post some pictures like that on

    Because it's real fashion with real women !

  2. Love love love! Perfect mix of fashion forward and sexy!