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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Introducing Miss Barbie Soliman

Barbie is not only a dear friend of A Pleasury, but a magnificent makeup artist. She has this innate ability to draw out one's inner beauty through each brush stroke and meticulously chooses a color palette that perfectly matches the person's individual style. I don't know how she does this. But she does. Every single time. This is why she is not only our go-to makeup artist, she is sought after by many, including top industry professionals from TV, film and fashion. One of the most admirable characteristics about this talented beauty is that she is humble and kind. Barbie is undoubtedly refreshing and talented. Thank you Barbie for being a part of this shoot. MWAAHH!!

Biography of Barbie Soliman

"My passion for makeup and its art form started when I discovered what lipstick was at the age of five, when I would steal my mother's lipstick and stare at my lips in the mirror, intrigued at how different I looked with it on. Soon my mother caught on that her lipstick drawer was slowly depleting so she hid her stash somewhere I wouldn't be able to get my hands on them. I had to be crafty and figure out another way I could paint my lips so I reached for my crayon box and went to town! Unfortunately, that didn't exactly work out the same. It did however, lead to the discovery of pastels (that works on the lips, FYI!) Twenty years later, I am still staring in the mirror, debating whether to go nude lips... or bright lips.... (except it always ends up bright lips....) =) Needless to say, my affection for lipstick grew into a full blown addiction to makeup, and its magic to transform and enhance one's unique beauty. As a makeup-artist for M.A.C cosmetics, and a freelance artist, I feel truly blessed that I get to enjoy my passion as a career everyday. My motto is as follows: "you don't look like s**t, you just need to put some mascara on! =P"

- Barbie Soliman

To book an appointment or consultation with Barbie Soliman, please contact her at 780.920.0020 or

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