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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prasann Patel - THE Photographer

Prasann Patel, in the most purest form, fulfills our vision of promoting local, emerging artists. Stacey and I did not have the opportunity to meet Prasann in person until the day of the shoot. All of our contact with him prior to our initial face to face meeting was over the phone, through email and text messages. Through this tech-dialogue, Prasann not only impressed us with his beautiful photos, but his knowledge of photography and the language he used to describe his craft reflected that of someone who had been "doing it for years." Low and behold, Stacey and I were even more drawn to his artistry when it was revealed that he was only 23 years old!! Prasann is an undeniable talent as a photographer. A Pleasury thanks you for creating beautiful photos. We are confident that you will be able to change your focus from accounting to photography one click at a time.

Biography of Prasann Patel
Prasann Patel has always found inspiration where one would least expect it. Since his youth, he has had a yearning for a creative outlet. Sculpting required the nimbleness that the then adolescent did not possess: painting’s patience and form asked too much,:understanding the fundamentals of proper English took a priority before poetry dared to spill from his pen: all the while he let music do nothing but play sweetly. Then a camera was placed into his hands and by the pressing of a button, mechanisms caused to flicker a mirror, adjust an aperture, and roll film all within a span of less than a second twisted his frame of reference of the world. 


Not quite. Despite the advances of the now digital screens, sensors, and built-in light meters, perfection was and is miles kilometers away. Now the accounting student of nearly twenty-three years of age still yearns for that perfection. And with each day taken as a learning experience, he earns himself a step towards that goal.

Contact Information For Prasann Patel:

Phone: 780.945.7716
Flicker Website: 

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