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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Padmanadi Restaurant - Family, Food, Phenomenal

Padmanadi is truly a one of a kind restaurant.  This family run vegetarian resto has somehow managed to maintain the charm, intimacy and character that is lacking in the majority of restaurants and diners.  Typically, smaller spirited restaurants like this one, face the difficulty of attracting and retaining patrons, as they don’t have the large advertising budget that the larger chains have.  Conversely, while many of the chains are able to advertise on a large scale, they tend to lack uniqueness and never really foster close customer relationships.  Padmanadi is a testament to how success can be achieved through building customer loyalty.  Each menu item is prepared with genuine affection and consideration for their customers’ health and enjoyment.  The walls are lined with photos of employees and customers, or better said, brothers and sisters.  That is literally the feeling one gets when entering this restaurant; the feeling of being with family.

The menu items feature vegan Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine (and brunch is now available on the weekends)!  Dishes include delicious soups, tofu and vegetable plates (the spicy eggplant is a personal fave).  There is something for everyone on this menu.  Non-vegetarians will be pleased to know that veggie beef, chicken, mutton, shrimp, pork, ribs and fish are also featured at this restaurant.

Padmanadi made the ideal location for our New Year’s Eve shoot.  The ambiance during the shoot was peaceful and welcoming.  Ska and rocksteady music playing in the background, sipping on sparkling juice and engaging conversation set the mood.  It was nothing short of perfection!  The restaurant owner, Kasim Kasim was so hospitable and genuine.  His bright smile and laughter is contagious and you can't help but feel uplifted in his presence.  Thank you so much for coming through for us Padmanadi Family!!

For more information about Padmanadi visit  Or better yet, drop into one of their 2 locations and join the family!

10740 101st Street, Edmonton AB
(780) 428-8899

10626 97th Street, Edmonton AB
(780) 428-8899

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