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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Black & Bold...Simply Brilliant

For those of you who are not familiar with Black & Bold, this treasure of a boutique is located on the corner of 124th street and 108th avenue in Edmonton.  The entire wardrobe for our New Year's Eve photo shoot was provided by Black & Bold.  It really is quite difficult to describe this boutique in a manner that gives it justice.  For some retailers, the goal is to basically hock products.  Sell whatever to whomever, just make a sale.  Such is not the case for Black & Bold owner Tara Pierce.  Quite simply, this woman just gets it.  She understands what the shopping experience means and when helping her customers pick out the perfect pieces, she taps into their personality and finds what best brings it out.  It is almost as though each handpicked accessory, shoe and piece of clothing in her store has a story, a unique life of it's own.  Tara understands the versatility of each item in her store and the different ways in which they can be worn to suit her customers' individual style. 

Our sentiment upon entering the store was that of whimsy.  Surrounded by an array of rich and beautiful fabrics, colours and textures,  one feels as though they are in a fanciful, opulent setting.  The decor largely mimics the style of clothing she sells; lined with mini chandeliers and mannequins stylishly dressed with no detail missed.  There is an exquisite balance between lady-like delicateness and unabashed avant-gardism. Tara is not afraid to carry items that set Black & Bold apart from other retailers.  If you are looking for one of a kind pieces, whether it be feathered brooches, vintage-inspired minaudi√®res or facinators, Black & Bold likely carries it.

 We are so appreciative of Tara's benevolence and contributions to this photo shoot.  We certainly could not have done it without her.  When selecting outfits for the shoot, there were sooo many options to pick from.  Black & Bold is definitely the place to pop into to put together a fierce New Year's Eve ensemble, but what about after the 31st?  As mentioned, Black & Bold's clothing and accessories possess a certain versatility and translate well from formal to casual with great ease.  For ideas, here are some ways to take our photo shoot outfits from night to day!

Being that my dress was black, it can be worn in multiple fashions.  For the office, one could pair it with a blazer and pumps.  Perfect for the office and after work drinks! 

The fact that Row's dress was slim-fitting and mini allows the option to tuck it into high-waisted pants and shorts.  The black sweater tones down the luminosity of the dress.  This ensemble would be perfect for brunch or shopping with the girls!

A sequined top is very easily dressed down when paired with slim-fitting jeans.  Perfect for running errands or taking in a cafe au lait with friends.

This black and white striped mini is muted with black tights and a black blouse.  We love these eyelet cut out boots, it gives the whole look a Coachella feel! 

A black button up shirt, tucked into this gold lam√© skirt respects workplace conservatism while still looking stylish. 

Pleasury readers, please please please don't be afraid to take risks and think outside of the box.  If there is something you want to try, just do it.  If things backfire...well, that's what life is all about.  The ability to pull something off is rooted in the wearer's confidence!  And as Ms. Pierce would say..."Be your own muse!"

Pop into Black & Bold today:

10826 124th Street 

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