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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The London Look

In honour of tonight's Brit Awards, we wanted to do a tribute to Brit style.  In my teens I used to mark my calendar for when Muchmusic would be airing the Brit Awards; it was one of the highlights of the year for me!  The Brits really are a stylish bunch and dress in a fashion that is largely distinguishable.  During the early to mid 90s, when North America was focused on the grunge scene, britpop dominated in the U.K.  As with most musical movements, britpop fashion trends soon followed.  Britpop style (which was somewhat derivative of 60s brit style) differed greatly from grunge style, which was characterized by long disheveled hair, dark plaid colours and morose dispositions.  Well-tailored minis, blazers and trousers; bright colours; and smart hairstyles (usually with blunt-cut bangs) were more the style for the Brits.  I for one could not get enough of all things brit in the 90s...a bonafide Anglophile.  I just loved the dudes with their Beatles-esque hair cuts and swagger that said "Imma rocknrolla!"

You can just see the attitude on the Gallagher brothers before they even open their mouths lol!  The shades, well-coiffed hair and scarf just complete this quintessentially brit outfit on Liam.

Today, brit style appears less regimented and neat.  With young style icons like Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung breaking some of the rules, we are seeing more tousled hairstyles and seemingly less contrived outfits.  

These 2 young fashionistas seem to have a style philosophy that relates more to dressing how you feel on that given day and throwing caution to the wind.  Rather than focusing on dressing smart and complicated, they take a more free-spirited approach to style.  Perhaps this is the new face of British style, though trends seem to be cyclical so maybe there will be another British invasion of mod style.  

Congrats to the Arcade Fire for their 2 Brit Awards tonight!  Way to show 'em how it's done :)

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