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Friday, February 18, 2011

What Rhymes With Orange

Last summer, lemon drop yellow was my go to colour.  I wanted to drape myself in yellow hued silk and chiffon fabrics (a veritable lemon meringue pie).  As of late, my eye has been drawn to orange coral shades.  Orange is still a spring/summer colour without being too Barbie pastel (which looks great on some, but I definitely cannot pull of pastels).  Coral shades are popping up not only in clothing, but make-up too.  Coral blush, nail polish and lipstick made a resurgence last spring/summer and is still going strong for this coming season!  

From what I can tell, orange is much like green in the sense that you have to pick the right shade for your complexion.  A bright orange shade might look better against some skin tones, whereas a paler hue might look nicer against another.  Trial and error will help you decide what shade is best for you.  Whichever you feel most comfortable and attractive in is likely the most your intuition! 

The orange colour punches up this simple, classic dress and the matching orange platform heels unify this adorable outfit!  Loves it!

Not everyone would feel comfortable in bright orange pants, and that's okay.  There is something bohemian and free spirited about this outfit that is just fab!  For those testing the water with coloured jeans, purple might be a safer bet.

What a super feminine alternative to the nude or black evening dress!

 This paler shade of orange looks great on really fair or really dark skin tones.  Those with yellow undertones may find their skin looks washed out against this particular hue.

Pretty much everyone should own an orange nail polish!  I'm convinced of it.  Red is a standard, staple nail colour (and looks brilliant on toes)!  Orange is a nice alternative to red.  It's fun and flirty and still has the intensity of red.

 I've searched high and low for an orange lipstick that suits me, but to no avail.  This model's make-up is so lovely.  When one thinks of orange lipstick, the initial thought may be "costumey" however, when paired with natural eye make-up and foundation, the look is cohesive and flawless.

When it comes to watches, I prefer a more classic look and don't own a variety of watches to go with different outfits.  For those who like a bit of flash and variation when it comes to wrist candy, these watches are super cute and a nice alternative to white or black watches.

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