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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mane Accessories

Besides my number one go-to accessory, my red lipstick, another ultimate accessory that I can always count on and never goes out of style, are the ones for my mane. Interestingly enough, hairbands, barrettes, and hair clips, although I have quite the delectable selection, is not part of my daily thought process of, "what accessories should I wear with this outfit?" I typically will choose to wear a standout cocktail ring on my pointer finger, some great earrings, and or choose to drape my neck with some fabulous jewelry (mixed metal chains I'm really into right now or statement necklaces!) That being said, this significant oversight will be no more. This Spring and Summer is going to be all about the mane accessories! Rodarte, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, and Mark Jacobs, are just a few of the top designers whose runway models donned hairbands, barrettes, and hair clips to accentuate their collections. Not only are they functional for style, hair accessories can add the right amount of "oomph" to a not so great hair day or simply add remarkable personal taste to your outfit. As a tribute to an accessory that always makes a lasting impression, here are my top picks for the season!

What is not to love about this lilac and wisteria curled feather hair clip! A definite head turner especially with the sparkling Swarovski crystal jewel!

Hair clips designed with feather detailing is an absolute trend that we are seeing everywhere! How can any girl resist the romantic, whimsical allure of a soft feather? This green and violet hair clip is absolutely gorgeous! It would look stunning against my jet black mane. Don't you think Stacey?

As red is my favorite color, I felt obliged to select this accessory not only for it's color, but for its effortless beauty and classic elegance.

This aqua and emerald barrette I had to share with all of you as it is a truly timeless, and ageless piece. This is a piece of jewelry that I imagine passing on to my little girl (whenever I have one!) and that will look just as splendidly fashionable on her as it did when I used to wear it. Simply divine!

I love anything vintage-inspired. One of the great thing about barrettes is that they are so versatile. They can be added to accessorize a hat, used as a brooch on a blouse, coat, or handbag. This vintage piece would be a most fitting addition to add some "lady sophisticate" to my wardrobe.

This is me at an office Christmas party in 2009 wearing a jewel encrusted winter leaf barrette from my vintage-inspired collection. It was slightly heavy so it took about 4 bobby pins or so to hold it securely in place. It was well worth it!

Moving on to hairbands. Check out this lovely Filigree Blossom headband made by Vancouver designer, Crushjewels. Super romantic and its metal design is reminiscent of the architecture of its time.

Yes, yes, I like feminine, pretty pieces! That's me. This soft peach faux flower with pearl hairband is just adorable. I would pair this accessory with an edgy leather jacket or a really tailored blazer to add some contrast to the romance!

This is me wearing a Canadian-designed feather headband from an artisan at the Make It Edmonton art, craft, and design show. Isn't it spectacular? The artist gave me 5 bucks off for sending a tweet about her booth and fabulous head bands. Thanks again for the discount!!

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