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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Trouser Spectrum

We've touched on the subject of coloured trousers in the past, but I wanted to do an entire post on the subject in an effort to cajole more ladies into wearing bright and bold pants this coming spring and summer.  I think many people shy away from colourful trousers for fear of drawing too much attention to themselves.  Another hindrance is the belief that such bright colours will not be flattering on their body type.  Fit is key with any trouser, however when wearing bright coloured trousers it is ├╝ber key!  If not tailored in a manner that suits the wearers body type, bright trousers have the ability to make people look shorter or wider than they actually are.  Furthermore, while bright coloured pants are vivid and noticeable, they are not as audacious as some may think.  When coordinated and tailored well, the overall look is less conspicuous and comes across as just smart, radiant and fitting.  

This is a prime example of that concept.  Ms. Giovanna Battaglia looks fresh and well put together in these lemon yellow trousers.  Hints of the yellow are echoed in the scarf and the pants are muted when paired with the grey sweater.

Here is another yellow pant worn in a casual, Farmer's Market on a Saturday afternoon fashion.  Picture the same ensemble with black trousers or jeans.  Certainly not the same sunny effect! 

Red pants are probably one of my faves.  They look so nice when paired with white or black blouses.  The image above highlights blood red skinny pants.  I love love love the airy look of the wide leg linen trousers below.  It would be imperative to wear these pants with heels, but the outfit above could work with both a heel or a ballet flat.  Beyond cute!

I am on the hunt for trousers with the exact fit of these orange pants.  The waist is not too high or too low and they aren't swimming wide or cellulite tight.  The way this stylist played with colour and coordinated with blue shoes and a green belt is positively brilliant!

Now this is how to do "stylish casual."  This woman appears so comfortable and makes this look seem perfectly effortless.  Camille Belle opted for a jewel-toned high-waisted pant that is well suited for evening wear.  This colour block look is pretty much flawless, fun and uplifting!

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