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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain In Style

I acquired the taste for stylish rain gear at the tender age of 6. Paddington Bear was my "style icon" for rainy weather clothing. At this young age, I already knew that his look was timeless, functional, and his color choices were extremely put together with the red hat, blue coat, and matching red rain boots. In this outfit, he was ready to take on the rain at any time and bring on the sunshine! For those of you who have no idea who Paddington Bear is or can't remember, here is a little pic.

It's so funny how nostalgia creeps up on you! When I was thinking about how to start my post today and what ignited my fascination for fashionable rain gear, I forgot until today that it all started with a little bear named Paddington. Pleasury readers, I hope you enjoy my delightful rainy weather choices to add some sunshine to your next rainy day!!

Here are some great rain coats to add some cheer, brightness, and fun, to a cold, dark, rainy afternoon. Florals, patterns, and a white trench, are all a great alternative to wearing the traditional black or grey coat.

Stylish rain boots are great for accessorizing your rainy day attire. I just HEART that there are so many patterns, styles, and colors to choose from. Even as a little girl I remember loving rain boots so much that I swiped a boy in my class' rain boots and took them home! I did eventually get into trouble for stealing them, but he eventually got them back!! Sigh. Memories...

My first umbrella was a plain black one. I loved this umbrella so much not for its color and simplicity, but because all of the adults in my life had one just like it. It made me feel grown up:) As I got older, I branched out and had umbrellas from every color of the rainbow. One of my most favorite umbrellas, when you opened it up, was a yellow cat with whiskers and a red bow. It was pretty awesome! Check out these fantastic umbrellas.

My most cherished umbrella was a gift from my dear friend and fellow Fashion Diarist, Stacey. Not only is it in my favourite color, red, when it is not opened and nicely fastened together, my umbrella looks like a lovely flamenco dancer (my umbrella is the one on the right!). Thanks Stacey!!

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