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Monday, February 21, 2011

Funk Sole Brother

When asked "What is the first thing you look at when you check out a man?" many women will respond "His shoes."  I think that idea is positively hilarious but for whatever reason, I do it too.  Shoes can make or break an outfit, and there is nothing worse than chunky, clunky shoes.  More men are becoming interested in fashion and not embarrassed to do so.  When it comes to sneakers, I am most attracted to reworked retro styles, and as far as dress shoes go, nothing beats a classic oxford shoe.  Hollywood greats like Steve McQueen and Cary Grant were known for their penchant for style and it's wonderful to see men emulating their refined looks.
 These kicks from Camper have all the ingredients to make a wicked shoe.  The sleek design and fun colours really make this sneaker pop.  I could totally see quirky geniuses like comedian Demetri Martin rockin these shoes.
 Shoes similar to these Clarks Originals Desert Boots are popping up everywhere.  You can typically find this shoe in a wide variety of colours as well.  These are a great casual alternative to sneakers and look fab with cords, trousers or jeans.  The imagery that comes to mind when I look at these shoes is that of an intellectual man of some sort sipping coffee in a small unknown cafe reading some philosophical work. (As you can see, I have a vivid imagination!)

This is such a classic shoe and will likely never go out of style.  The detailed stitching and handy-work that goes into a well-made shoe has always amazed me.  These brogue shoes are further perfected by opting for the lovely tan coloured leather.  While the same shoe would be nice in black, the lighter colour  really draws attention to the stitching.  

 Playing with laces is super fun.  I have a pair of shoes that I constantly switch out the laces.  It's a minor, easy change, but almost gives the feeling that I am wearing a brand new pair of shoes each time I switch.  Who can complain about that :)

 What is most brilliant about these shoes is that the sole is that of a sneaker, but the remainder of the shoe is a leather boot...a "snoot" if you will.  A proper marriage of style and comfort.

While I'm not a fan of wearing loafers with dress pants, these shoes are totally fun.  I love the bold colours; it's a nice refreshing change from brown and black.

Cropped pants and oxfords...HOT.  The only recommendation I would make to men looking to work this style, is to perhaps wear short ankle socks (not visible).  Bare feet in leather during the hot summer months may not smell pretty...just a suggestion!

How fun are these shoes.  They look like bowling shoes but they absolutely work with this outfit.  Grant it, it may take someone who is not afraid to take fashion risks to pull this one off, but it looks great!  These shoes coordinate nicely with his shirt, sweater and tie without being too "matchy."

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