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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Perforations

As spring surely nears, I can't help but think of all the pieces, patterns and styles that I love to wear most during the season of sun and greenery! Eyelet fabrics definitely make that list.  Adding eyelet holes into a blouse or dress is a lovely touch that results in a look that is airy and cute.  Eyelet cut-outs also allow for showing some skin (though minimal) and works on anyone.  Often times, eyelets are found on white or cream fabrics, and can sometimes appear more appropriate for a little girl rather than a grown woman.  I usually circumvent this problem by looking for a more adult style, such as a mini dress, incorporating bold accessories, or opting for colours such as black or green.  

This same dress in white may have looked a little too Laura Ingalls for me...especially considering the bow.  The black colour gives it a more mature feel, while the eyelets keep it perfect for spring!

The way this outfit is put together is a prime example of how to wear an eyelet dress in a mature fashion.  The statement necklace and mini cut of the dress are beyond hot.  Okay...I'm ready for a beach holiday!

Eyelet fabrics remind me of doilies or crocheted frocks.  Intricate and delicate.  This blouse is my favourite of all the photos presented in this post.  It's as simple and easy to wear as a regular, run of the mill white dress shirt, but oodles more fun!  How amazing would this blouse look with a leather mini skirt.  Wow... I need to go shopping stat!

Many eyelet blouses and dresses are flowy and loose.  The fitted nature of this blouse is a nice departure from this.  This top almost looks like a lace layer over her fair skin.  Simple and romantic indeed!

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