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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Gargamel Effect

While we are all gearing up for spring's sure return, the runways in Paris, Milano, New York and all over the world have been busy showcasing fall/winter 2011 fashions.  While I'm curious to see what's ahead, I'm still rather focused and hopeful for this coming spring.  I did take a sneak peak at some of the styles for fall/winter and had to share one piece in particular with you...that being, the long coat!  

A long fall coat is incredibly chic, timeless and classy.  I've often contemplated purchasing a long wool coat, however due to the fact that I am vertically challenged, I've shied away from the idea.  My biggest fear is that I would end up looking like Gargamel from The Smurfs. Perhaps if I finally find a decent pair of boots with a taller stacked heel, this will be more doable.  The other important factor in avoiding the Gargamel effect is to ensure that the coat is cinched, belted or somehow otherwise fitted around the waist. 

These 2 coats from Gucci's f/w 2011 collection absolutely floored me!  Not just the coats, but the brilliant manner in which they are accessorized, is amazing.  Now there is no way on God's green earth I could ever afford a Gucci coat. (That last sentence reads like it came straight out of my mother's mouth.  Lovely, I really am turning into her lol).  While my wallet would never allow me to purchase such pieces, my eyes are certainly enticed by the colours, sleek fit and overall sharpness of how these outfits are put together.

 I love tan leather!  I wouldn't necessarily have accessorized with an identical purse, but the overall look is really cool and befitting of Annie Hall. 

 The structure and lines of this coat are PERFECT.  One would think that a floor length coat is a bit much, however, the fitted, accentuated, narrow waist and flowy, sweeping lower half prevent the overall look from being too heavy.  The bright smile helps too!

Well Pleasury folks, after writing this post and gawking over the pretty pics, it's official, by September I will invest in a nice long coat come hell or high water (There's that maternal influence again!)  

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