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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

Whenever the season's start to change, I get hairstyle restless.  I've always felt that I look my best in bangs, though I haven't cut bangs in quite some time.  Recently I've worn long side-swept bangs, but I'm talking about the thicker, blunt cut bangs. There's something that has always drawn me to thicker bangs.  Perhaps it's the mental construct I have when I think of the girl who wears blunt cut, rebellious, fashionable.  Maybe this imagery comes to mind because of all the style mavens that came out of the 60s and 70s that donned fuller bangs like Stevie Nicks, Marianne Faithfull and Jane Birkin.  Or perhaps even current rock and style geniuses such as Feist and Karen O.  Don't get me wrong, I think side-swept and pixie bangs are incrediby cute, and on the right face shape, nothing could look better.  Bangs can be tougher to maintain, that's for sure...especially during the awkward grow out phase!  But my favorite thing about having bangs is that your hair always looks done and styled.  Obviously thicker bangs don't suit everyone.  If your hair is thin to begin with, bringing so much forward for bangs, doesn't leave a lot in the back to style.  Also, for those with tiny faces or foreheads, a thicker bang may take over their whole face..a Cousin It effect if you will. 

Bangs are incredibly versatile as well.  They can look chic and polished when paired with a bob, or rocker cool with long, wildly flowing hair, and vice-versa.

 This is a good example of how versatile a similar hairstyle can be.  The photo above depicts that rocker chic that I can see never going out of style.  The photo below shows full, blunt cut bangs and neatly coiffed long hair, styled in a feminine and cute fashion.  Both looks are so beautiful yet so different!

Kelly Rowland's hair always looks great to me.  She has the perfect face-shape for bangs and they make her look younger.  She always has a healthy shine to her hair too! 

Bangs and a top bloody cute can you get.  The young lady in this photograph is positively adorable (her whole outfit is just tops!)  During the hot summer months, heavy bangs may make some overheat, understandably.  Tying the rest up in a top knot or even pinning the bangs up or to the side cures all!  Something more for me to ponder as the season's change!

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