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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Clutches and handbags are great and they definitely have their place and purpose, but on my leisurely weekends, sometimes nothing beats a nice leather backpack.  I have a trusty leather cognac backpack that I purchased many moons ago and I have to tell you, when spending the day in a museum, or walking around window shopping, a nice, well-made backpack is perfection.  Being the type of person who enjoys strolling with my hands in my pockets or with a coffee in one hand and a mini baguette in the other, I've gotten good wear out of my little backpack.  

As a general rule, I prefer structured leather satchel style backpacks.  They have a great deal of character, look stylish and don't have the sporty look of the rounded nylon backpacks.  Obviously, wearing a backpack requires a great deal of awareness as it makes life quite easy for pickpockets, but the ability to be hands-free trumps all!  Now this style isn't for everyone and I've heard people comment that backpacks are for grade school kids.  I think the key to keeping this look from appearing too young, is to coordinate the backpack with your clothes in the same way you would a purse.  Also, if you're wearing a smaller backpack, don't try to fit it over a bulky winter coat...that just might have you looking like a 5th grader.  Maybe wait until the weather is more forgiving and pair with a nice trench coat and cropped pants.  Stitching, piping, buckles and two-toned colors are details that give backpacks a more purse-like appearance.

Check out these backpacks.  They're the cat's pyjamas!

Effortless, cool and casual.  Loves it!!

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