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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

124 Street Retail Showcase

Edmonton's 124th street is one of the city's premier shopping and culture districts.  Known for their boutiques carrying one of a kind items, avant-garde theatre, character cafes and refreshingly unconventional galleries and museums, 124th street is a true gem in this city.  The shopkeepers in this district have a certain camaraderie and brotherhood with one another.  Row and I have seen this loyalty first hand through our interviews, shopping trips and photo shoots in the area.  

"Good shopping districts don't just happen. It takes a vision by committed entrepreneurs who collectively want to offer unique services to the shopping public. The area must be accessible, located in an attractive area of town, and must have its salient features exploited and promoted. This describes our street. The merchants and retailers on 124th Street are diligently working to develop a street full of shops with a diversity of products and services. With over 90% of the retail space leased or occupied, our focus is on the vacant 10%." - The 124th Street Business Association (

This season, Western Canada Fashion Week is throwing a 124th Street Retail showcase to promote businesses in 124th Street area!  The event will be held on Saturday March 26, 2011 at the TransAlta Arts Barns.  Each retailer will be presenting 2 outfits on a New York style 64' x 6' runway...HOT!  Do you or someone you know have boutique in the 124th Street area?  Spring is coming, it's time to flaunt your stuff and generate traffic in your store.  Edmonton, being the chilly city that it is, there is much mall shopping that goes on during the winter months, but with spring just around the corner, there will be more pedestrian shopping! 

Here's the scoop:

Each retailer is responsible for: 
  • Providing their own models, however retailer's can also select two from the WCFW model pool
  • Providing professional hair and makeup for their models 
  • A 2x10 inch sign with your business name on it
  • Payment of the $50.00 entry fee 

Fashion Week and Planet Ze Design Center will provide the following: 

  •  Venue for meetings, rehearsals, shows and after events 
  • Set installation and breakdown 
  • Runway 64’ x 6’ft/Curtains/Scrims/Back Drops 
  • D.J. Booth and equipment, trusses and lifts to install truss and/or any lighting towers necessary 
  • Manpower for lighting and sound installation as well as lighting and sound equipment and a technician for set up, technical rehearsals and events 
  • 350 chairs along the runway; Security and staff 
  • Alberta Licenses for special event and liquor service; and bartenders/bar (if venue allows bar)  
  • Back room area is provided (you must bring your own racks or anything else you need for back room!) 
  • Print and broadcast advertising campaign 
  • Collective TV coverage and print press - Fashion Week will co-ordinate with media 
  • Press releases - sent to publicist for distribution (Public Relations) 
  • Printed mater, graphics for event program, event planning and co-ordination, website listing and link, etc.
When all the applicants are in, we will be presenting them all to you and sharing what's in-store!  If you or someone you know has a shop in the 124th street area, Rep Yourself!  For details on how to apply, visit Western Canada Fashion Week - Retail Showcase!  

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