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Saturday, February 12, 2011

As Square As You Dare

Geek Chic, like Emo, is an identifier style in the sense that there are a few lifestyle and taste associations that go along with it.  I'm well-read, sympathize with the underdog and don't mind going against the grain...oh yeah, and I LOVE high-tech gadgeterie!  One derivative of the geek chic look is quite similar to that of a sexy librarian;  I've been told I can pull that look of quite well, but who knows!  Geek chic tends to occasionally border on menswear and preppie style as there is crossover with ties, suspenders, oxford shoes, sweater vests and knee-high stockings.  The distinguishing factor I suppose is the connection that geek chic has with all things "square."  The stereotypical "geek" is tech savvy, into sci-fi and has an intellectual humour; geek chic sheds light on this and celebrates quirkiness.  My favourite geek chic pieces are wayfarer glasses and witty t-shirts.

This watch from Tokyo Flash is insanely high tech.  I'm pretty sure George Jetson had a similar one.  There is an LED animation option and it's USB rechargeable!  Oh yeah, and it tells the time...bonus!

I know I know, this is not a fashion item but I had to share it all the same.  As geek chic proponents are into quirky little oddities, I thought this Short Story Society Message Doll would be perfect to include in this post.  Yes, a little childish but still so cute!!  The Clarice doll from Momiji has a tiny compartment in the bottom to share cute little notes.  Valentine's Day is around the bend and I can just see all the mini Michael Cera's and Charlene Yi's swapping these dolls :)

Oh wow, even the folks at Sanrio are getting into geek chic.  Miss Hello Kitty, you've never looked studious!

This outfit is a more mature take on geek chic.  The high heels and bright lipstick keep this look fun and prevent it from looking frumpy.

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