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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy Miss-Fits

The Grammy's are not only the music industry's most celebrated event, it is also a platform for artists and celebrities to showcase their most outrageous, outlandish, and sometimes ridiculously eccentric fashion alter egos. This year, stars such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj did not disappoint! If you missed the Grammy's tonight, do not fear, I have rounded up some images for your bewildering viewing pleasure! But, before we catapult into our 2011 Grammy Miss-Fits, let's take a glimpse into the past and flashback to some past Grammy Miss-fits who topped our list.

Jennifer Lopez was all about the jungle fevah in 2000! Her tropical, flowing Versace gown with the infamous plunging neckline had everyone talking and gawking. No woman would dare wear such a revealing dress if she didn't want to flaunt her physique. You go J-Lo! You definitely had no flaw to hide!
 Awww remember our 90's sweetheart Toni Braxton? She wore this jaw dropping "all sex and no sweet " number at the 2001 Grammy's and obviously paid no attention to the two rules of dressing for a MAJOR awards ceremony: 1) make sure your dress doesn't show your underwear; and 2) that your dress ISN'T your underwear. 
 Although Alicia Keys won five Grammy's in 2002, her Arabian Nights-inspired fashion faux pas was the talk of the town. So odd. We still love you Alicia!!
Another Miss-Fit at the 2002 Grammy's was Pink. We love and look forward to her crazy shenanigans and often wild get-ups BUT, COME ON! This burlesque-inspired outfit consisting of a garter, bow tie and one pant leg was just Bizarro.

These Miss-Fits more commonly known as OK Go definitely made a red carpet statement at the 2007 Grammy's by literally, blending into the red carpet. Matching brocade suits, creepy masks, and matching gloves = simply weird. Strangeness set aside, they won a Grammy that year. Congrats?
Winning the evening's unofficial award for "Best And Craziest Use Of Social Media," in 2010, singer and songwriter Imogen Heap donned the red carpet in a custom-designed "Twitter Dress." The tea-length garment, which had its own Twitter feed, of course--displays images sent in real-time by fans using the hashtag #twitdress.
 Lady Gaga proved she was a star at the 2010 Grammy's by actually carrying one on the red carpet. Her Judy Jetson ensemble won raves from fashion critics, but what do you think?

Our trip down Grammy memory lane I hope satiated your Miss-Fit nostalgia. Now the moment you have all been waiting for..."The 2011 Grammy Miss-Fits" award goes to:

Nicky Minaj paid tribute to the animal kingdom in this leopard jumpsuit by Givenchy. What I do enjoy about this young starlet is that you can always expect to be fashionably surprised by her outrageous and artistic red carpet ensembles. Work it girl!

Rihanna hit the red carpet in this off-the-shoulder Jean-Paul Gaultier haute couture mermaid style number, with ruffle and sheer panelling. 
Of course, who tops our list, none other than Miss Lady Gaga.
 By far, the most outlandish red carpet entrance EVER. Is Lady Gaga wearing the egg or is the egg wearing Lady Gaga?? Who knows. My initial thought when I saw this image unfolding on my television was, "WHAT THE F!" Then, I remembered, it's Lady Gaga. 
What I learned from writing today's post is that sometimes fashion isn't always about looking good. It's about being memorable. These finely talented celebrities definitely know how to do just this.

Congrats to ALL of the Grammy winners!!

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