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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Studs, Chandeliers and Hoops Oh My!

One accessory that I definitely don't wear often enough are earrings.  When I was younger, I had my simple, small gold hoops that I kept in all the time and never really thought about.  As I got older, I started to buy more costume and statement jewelry to coordinate with and adorn my outfits.  In the 90s I recall owning tons of chandelier earrings of every description.  As of late, I've been drawn to pearl and stud earrings with a more vintage design.  
Grace Kelly would be so proud.  I would love to own these emerald earrings (and if you come across any similar ones, please drop me a line :)  The point I'd like to stress is that these earring can be used to accessorize both formal and more casual dress.  Perfect for a wedding or weekend lollygagging in fitted jeans, t-shirt and a cute top knot bun.  Earrings such as these spruce up and add femininity to casual dress.  

Drop earrings are probably the most commonly seen and they vary greatly in design.  These earrings remind me of dew kissed leaves.  They have a lovely 1920s inspired feel.  So elegant and simply exquisite.  
What I love most about these earrings is their versatility.  Regardless of the colour your wearing, these will likely go well with any shade of clothing or accessory.  Intricate and fine while not appearing gaudy.
Drop dead gorgeous and incredibly ornate!  These earrings would be brilliant to wear in the spring.  A yellow gemstone is something I'll be on the hunt for to match with my sunny disposition lol!  Yellow sapphire and citrine are two lovely yellow gemstones to be on the look out for!  These and more radiant jewelry designs can be found for sale online.  Just message for more details.

When purchasing earrings that are of a popular design, such as hoop earrings, I prefer to search for something with unique aspects and that are slightly different from the average.  Serpent hoop earrings are a great example of that.  And why be restricted to gemstones?  Play with texture by trying fabric earrings or something like these feather earrings from Rififi Jewels.

P.S.  Thanks Row for always reminding me to bedazzle my little lobes before we head out!

Dangle and Spangle Pleasury Readers!

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