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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In an effort to do my very best to live a more 'sustainable lifestyle,' I have started to ponder how this awareness would translate to not only be more mindful in where I can reuse and recycle in my day to day living, but in my fashion choices. The answer to my curiosity was surprisingly simple and absolutely fashionable!! 

Saako is a company founded in Barcelona that reinvented the use of ordinary ribbed, jersey fabric into trendy, affordable, and distinctive neckwear pieces. Saako's founders, Ines Brito and Joana Gouveia, designed their fabric jewelry line with a "re-use" philosophy in mind. Each Saako neckpiece is bi-functional - they are part necklace and part light scarf. What I find irresistible about Saako is number one, the price point ($50USD), and number two, that because this cloth jewelry line makes such a bold statement with your outfit, it can be worn with your plainest tank and leggings and will add the perfect WOW factor. 

Look at how fantastic this piece looks with just a plain white tank!
Tell me you are not LOVING this!! The top left image shows how you can drape this necklace over the shoulder and the image to the immediate left shows what it looks like knotted. Super versatile piece of jewelry (and scarf!)

This beaded Saako necklace is a summer stunner! The mixing of earthy cotton beads and draping really enhance this piece's softness and femininity. How fab would this look against a white tunic or denim top? I can see it on me now...

This is what I'm talkin' about!! Saako on denim is to die for! It gives off an undeniably cool, modern, laid back vibe to this outfit. Do you see what I mean when I say that the Saako necklace just completes your outfit?

Saako neckwear also adds some style for the gents! So simple, yet effective paired with a black tee and jeans. Don't you just want to touch it (yes ladies, I meant the Saako piece, wink, wink!)

Check out more of their amazing pieces at and be inspired by their "Re-Use" philosophy and animated, earthy and Mediterranean, handmade neckwear creations!

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