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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buckle-up Buttercup

Belts happen to be one of my favorite accessories due to their functional and aesthetic nature.  Wearing belts at waist-level accentuates or create the illusion of curves...a pointer I've taken close notice of since I'm a petite gal!  Their function relating to cinching trousers and skirts is evident, but from a fashion standpoint, they also complete/finish an outfit.  

Undoubtedly, everyone should have a standard, clean look, medium width leather belt in their closet.  Similar to the little black dress, the standard black belt is versatile and non contentious.  On the other hand, there is so much fun you can have with the other belts in your collection: Buckles of varying size and design, playing with textures such like suede or calf hair, or trying belts ornamented with studs, grommets or bone.  Whenever the season nears towards spring, I lean towards fabric belts and sashes.  They just flow nicely and are light and airy, fitting for the season!  

I currently have all my belts draped over hangers (I know, there's got to be a better way!)  After scrutinizing my belt hangers, I noticed that as of late, I've been buying more skinny belts.  They just seem to be the perfect size for cinching at the waist and properly finishing layered looks like this one.

In the 3 photos above, you'll notice that these skinny belts are looped and knotted.  This is a style that awesome Sandra @ Floc Boutique is fond of, and one that I've been wearing lots since our photo shoot there :)  The brilliant thing about looping a belt in this way, is that it allows you to wear your belts higher without having the long tail end of the belt hang around you, looking awkward and getting in the way.  This is especially lucky for me as I tend to use the last hole on the belt or have to bore one!  Just make sure your belt is made of a soft leather so it's more pliable.

You'll find that with most broad belts, the buckle is usually the focal point.  Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me (shut it Ramjia!), but I think the dove buckle is so sweet.  This last belt has very clean lines and achieves a modernist look which would work nicely with a simple dress.    

Are there any accessories that you've had your eye on in the last little while?  Drop us a note at!

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