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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Old Boys' Club

After checking out Tommy Ton's latest pics from various European menswear shows for the Fall/Winter 2011 season, I felt the need to comment on some of the menswear styles that typically get a second glance from this gal!  It should be noted (though hopefully obvious) that even the smartest pair of shoes better be matched with a debonair, confident yet humble personality, otherwise it's just a horrible waste of fine italian leather!  A certain arrogant hip hoppa comes to mind...I particularly love when a look is slightly disheveled, indicating that it isn't exceedingly contrived and that the fella doesn't spend a longer time getting ready than you do.  There are many styles that men are attracted to depending on their interests, and regardless if that is urban, dapper or indie, it's important to feel comfortable and attractive in what you're wearing.  

I love when urban fashion commingles with proper English style.  For men looking to work urban style, the key is to not wear baggy oversized pieces from head to toe.  If your jeans are baggy, wear a more fitted t-shirt, and vice-versa.  Accessorize with a herringbone hat, plaid scarf and wicked kicks.

Dapper dress is characterized by neat, structured details.  There is a high level of precision given to each texture, pattern and cut.  Dapper style tends to draw on gentleman's dress from the mid 20th century but with modern twist.  For example, wearing pocket squares or bow ties in vivid colour and print, or non matching 3-piece suites.

Depicted by longer, bedraggled hair, fitted pants or jeans and typically darker colours.  Indie style, like urban, is largely linked to music.  There is a focus on rare, less clean cut pieces of clothing, so as to not appear like the uniform, general majority.

And since I'm feeling generous, here's some eye candy just because! 

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