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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Forward

At the end of each work day, when I remember, and my hands aren't weighed down by work I'm bringing home to do for the night to prep for the next day (yes, I am a teensy bit of a workaholic), I check my mailbox. Although I subscribe to annual magazine subscriptions, I am always pleasantly surprised when I check the mail and find my monthly InStyle, Elle, or Lucky! One of Stacey and I's favorite things to do is to peruse fashion magazines and scope out our wish list items for the style season. This ritual is usually accompanied by some red, chocolates, sweets, and girly conversation. As we flip through the magazine pages, we try and guess each other's wish list items and 99% seems to be our average! Not bad huh? On that note, let's start making room in our closets and prepare to spring forward! Here are some of the most talked about trends for Spring 2011!

1) Color YOU Beautiful

I have never been one to shy away from wearing color! My favorite part of Spring is being rejuvenated by bold and bright colors after a very dark and white winter season! I'm really loving the emerald jewel tone and tangerine wardrobe combination. Stunning!

Stacey has the perfect skin tone to wear the go to shade of color for the Spring/Summer 2011 season - tangerine!! LUVS IT!!


Modern Edgy with a Rocker Twist! Black liquid leggings, CHECK! White Blazer, CHECK! White tank, CHECK! Black pointed heels, CHECK! All I need to complete this Rock Steady look is a studded blazer and some silver metallic liquid leggings! Done and Done.

  Thank you Black Swan and Rodarte for rekindling our love for the ballet and its costume art form! The first ballerina inspired dress is by Lanvin. It is absolutely divine in its femininity and softness! Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana also followed suit this Spring season and embraced their inner ballerina!

Louis Vuitton journeyed to Asia and reinvented the traditional silk kimono, Cheongsam (Chinese dress with collar), and exotic floral prints! Wowza!!
Pleasury Readers, are you excited for spring yet? Are you already trying to calculate how you can pay off some of your Christmas bills to start building your spring wardrobe? While you are doing that, Stacey and I will be on the hunt for where to shop for these FABULOUS spring trends right here in Edmonton. Watch out for upcoming posts!!



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