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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Everyday Old Hollywood

I've mentioned my undying love for well executed menswear in previous posts.  It's very natural and effortless for a woman to look feminine and hot in a red mini dress, but a woman who can pull off menswear carries a certain kind of sexy confidence derived from within.  One of the trends that I have had my eye on is bow ties on women.  Men have worn bow ties since the 17th century and they are typically associated with formal dress.  As of late, younger men have been seen sporting bow ties à la Wes Anderson, a look I find incredibly dapper.  But check out how stylish these gals look in bow ties!  Proving that you don't have to be Marlene Dietrich to look hot in a bow tie, you just have to channel her inner feroshness! 

This last one is a bow tie necklace.  So cute!

Paying homage to the dames of Old Hollywood like Tippi Hedren, for the upcoming Spring/Summer '11, many designers are showcasing calf-length dresses and skirts.  Highlighting that longer hemlines (both full skirt and slim-fitting) don't have to be dowdy!  

These slim-fitting calf-length dresses allow the wearer to show off her curves.  The former of course being more flirty and feminine and the second illustrating the calf-length style in an edgier mod fashion with vivid geometric shapes.

The fuller skirt seen here is so delicate and girly (I could likely twirl around for hours in something like this!)  The key to keeping this outfit from looking dowdy or matronly is to ensure that whatever you are wearing from the waist up is form-fitting.

Something to ponder for the upcoming months :)

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