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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautify Your Gaze One Lash At A Time!

I must give credit to two particular individuals who inspired my fancy for false eyelashes - first, D.W. Griffith, an American movie maker who was credited for commissioning the first set of false lashes in 1916. Thank you Mr. Griffith! And second, my friend and makeup extraordinaire, Barbie Soliman, who has introduced me to MAC Cosmetics' entire false lash line. I HEART them all!

What I love most about wearing false lashes is how they make my brown eyes "pop" and just really finish my makeup. The best part is at the end of the day when it is time to wash my face before bed (super important to do girls to maintain the youthfulness of your skin!), I don't have to use a ton of makeup remover and Q-tips to wash out the mascara. All I have to do is gently remove my falsies and tah dah! Less raccoon eye mess!

I love "Before And After" pics of everything and anything! This false lash look is so natural looking and really enhances the beauty of her eyes.

One of the most common and easiest to wear false eyelashes are the one strip lash. These lashes instantly make your eyes look more alluring and simply gorgeous! Celebrities like Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian beautifully wear the one strip lash! Magnificent ladies!!


The second type of false eyelashes are "singles." These are individual fake lashes that can be placed wherever desired. These are typically used to create a more natural effect and you can glue as many of these single lashes as you want in between your own in order to create the volume that you desire. FYI - applying these false stunners are more time consuming than the one strip eyelash. A fave look I haven't tried yet (Barbie, I hope you're reading this post!), is to apply singles just on the outer corner of my eye (check out the image below).

This look on Rihanna is seductive with a hint of glam. LUVS it!!

False lashes come in so many different styles, shapes, and even colors. For an everyday, natural look, most women turn to black false lashes. My go-to lashes are from MAC, number 7. These lashes look great for day or night and they are the one lash strip so very easy to put on.
As there are sooo many falsies to choose from, try as many as you can and just have fun with it! For one Halloween, Stacey and I rocked some lashes of ultra drama! They looked beyond intimidating in its little MAC case, but as soon as we put them on, we knew we had to rock 'em!!

If you are a newbie to applying false lashes, you have nothing to fear! First, if you are A Pleasury Reader living in the Edmonton area email me and I or better yet, Barbie, will come and help you put them on. Second, click on the below image to check out a quick video tutorial from MAC on how to apply false eyelashes!!

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