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Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Row and I have mentioned on a few occasions that we are big fans of bold statement jewelry, and rings are no exception.  I'm not sure if it's because I have long slender fingers, but I always find my hands look best adorned with a nice big chunk of something (I mean so big that my hands rarely fit in my gloves).  Row often wears her rings on her index finger but I find my middle finger always feels a bit naked without a ring on it.  

Recently, a darling friend of mine went on vacation to Portugal and brought me back a ring very similar to the one below.  Subtle hints of gold and silver gleam against the faceted gemstones.  This mixture of metals also adds to the versatility of the piece and makes it easy to match with anything.

Now being that my fingers are super slender, at times it can be a challenge to find large rings in my size. My latest fave as far as bands for costume jewelry goes, is the elastic.  The high polish elastic maintains the consistency of the metallic look, while permitting the ring to fit virtually any finger size without having to get the ring sized.

The rings that I hold most dear are either ones that have been given to me as gifts, or ones that I've happened upon... you know, that love at first sight moment when time stands still and nothing exists except you and that sparkling beauty.  Typically, the pieces that catch my eye in this fashion are playful and unique in nature.

This brilliant ladybug ring is an example of that silly sweet whimsy.  We've featured ladybug rings previously on this blog, but this one is slightly more detailed and antique looking, care of the brushed brass finish.  I know from experience that onyx is a super durable stone that manages a rich and deep tone without looking too ominous.  

Actress Kate Bosworth co-founded JewelMint with stylist Cher Coulter.  Their new concept in  online jewelry shopping selects pieces based on your personal style, your style icons and previous selections.  Quite similar to the Genius function in itunes, this innovative site is a more tailored approach to jewelry shopping.  This Aqua Bomb ring is a must have for spring!

Short, well-manicured nails complement an outstanding oversized ring.  Try painting them in a dark red, purple, black or blue for the fall/winter months; and coral, nude or teal during the spring and summer.  As spring approaches we'll have the scoop on the latest colors!

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