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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make It A Fashionable Valentine's Day

Flowers, cards, and chocolate hearts, are all happily expected gift choices for your Valentine, but why not really WOW her, or him, this Valentine's Day. I know that we are still a month away from heart day of February 14th, but, extra special gifts sometimes require a bit more planning. As all of you Pleasury readers are like family to me, I want to share with all of you what my honey did for me, a few years back. Now although it wasn't Valentine's Day per say, (for those of you who remember, it happened on my birthday), it is a perfectly "make-your-heart-a-flutter" idea! May your hearts swoon at this most romantic gesture. Read On...

I am not a fan of surprises. So, my partner RJ knows that he needs to 'proceed with extra caution' should he so choose to not follow this golden rule of mine and break it! A few birthdays ago, he did. As he was going to be out of town on this particular birthday, he arranged with a few of our close friends a birthday dinner  for me at Lux Steakhouse and Bar. I think our reservation was for 7pm or so and because he knows how much I don't like being late for a reservation, I expected that we would arrive at Lux at least 10 minutes late, so  as per the usual, I took my time getting ready. 

To my ultimate surprise, he was trying to rush me out the door at 5:50pm. Hmmm, something was definitely up. The panic attack ensued. I started to sweat, became anxious, and now dreaded going to dinner as I envisioned 100 people there upon my arrival screaming "surprise." As I said. I am not a fan of surprises. Especially, when I'm the one getting surprised. I tried to play it cool, but of course, he could feel my nervous energy in the car. I caught him a few times from the corner of my eye, faintly smile to himself. It was again, weird, What The F was up? He turned onto 99 avenue off of 109 street, and parked on the corner. It was a Sunday and after 5pm. Everything in this area was closed except surrounding restaurants and coffee shops. I knew we weren't going into any of them so now I'm getting pissed off, but still thought to myself,  "like what the F!"

After asking him several times as to where we were going, I knew he wasn't going to budge. We both got out of the car, and a gentleman was waiting in the doorway of the building that RJ ushered me to enter. The man, as if playing the role of a doorman at The Ritz Carlton, held the door open for both of us and then locked the door behind us. He asked us to follow him up the stairs, so we did. At this point, I couldn't even breathe as my heart was pounding so hard in my chest I felt like I was going to throw up. OMG. 

As soon as we got to the top of the staircase, a woman was standing there as if she was expecting me. She said, "Hello Rowena. Happy Birthday!" I was in En Privado shoe store! For my birthday, RJ booked his shoe fanatic girlfriend, a private shoe shopping experience!  He turned to me and said, "Happy birthday. Pick whatever pair of shoes you want." I immediately went to town!! The owner  gave RJ and I a private tour of their shop, introduced us to all of their lines such as "Pura Lopez" - aaahhh. Absolutely magnificent designer. Did you know that she used to design shoes for the queen of Spain? Yuppers!!

Did I mention RJ decorated En Privado with my favorite flowers - lillies, orchids, and birds of paradise! AND, had my favorite Red on hand - Barbara D'Asti. The owner, encouraged me to 'make a mess,' and try on whatever I wanted. En Privado opens up their stock room to their shoppers and you can really maximize your personal shopping experience by having free reign and grabbing your perfect shoe size off the shelf yourself while juggling a glass (or two), of wine in your other hand. They also had lovely leather seating and tall, ornate mirrors, for our shoe viewing pleasure! Absolutely fabulous!! I was truly in shoe heaven. Ladies, are you oohhing and aahhing yet?

Pura Lopez. This was the pair of shoes that I chose. When I tried them on they felt like a second skin and so comfortable for a pair of heels. They were brown, blue, and purple, open-toe slingbacks ,made of leather and suede. Perfection. I knew we were meant to be:) This romantic gesture still tops my list and is a wish list to be fulfilled for so many gals I know. 

So, take this off of her wishlist and make it a reality! Book a private shopping experience for your Valentine at a stellar shoe store, like En Privado, or contact her fave clothing store, like Bamboo Ballroom for the ultimate Valentine's Day gift!! If you're not sure if her favorite store provides private shopping, just give them a call you never know!!



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