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Monday, January 10, 2011

Grace By Black Lace

After wearing lace tights and a lace top during our big New Year's Eve Photo Shoot, I got to thinking about just how much I love to wear this fabric.  It's inherently romantic, delicate and intricate.  You can't help but feel like a perfectly poised and lovely lady in lace (floral patterns are a personal preference).  Whether it's a black lace top paired with a black velvet blazer in the winter, or a nude flirty lace dress in the summer, this fabric looks pretty on everyone and is now showing up on many different clothing pieces and accessories.  My fave is lace gloves!


These 2 looks are completely different but I love them both.  The first of which is a more hipster style whereas the second paints an elegant couture image.  I have yet to purchase lace gloves.  I have micro wrists and lace gloves should definitely fit snug, so I'll continue the search.  This accessory is a bit tricky to pull off, but as these 2 images show, they can be worn in very different fashions.

Lace tights are a nice alternative to solid black opaque tights, and can be found just about anywhere.  (The second pic is me, believe it or not!)  As delicate as they may appear, I've had mine for some time, and as long as you hand wash and hang to dry, they should last!  

These necklaces are insanely beautiful.  I have totally fallen in love with them.  I prefer wearing statement jewelry with minimalist, understated clothing and these pieces would look lovely paired with a nude fitted dress.  Perfect for a romantic date night, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner isn't it?  

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