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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Layer Cake

Thirty degrees below considering the windchill factor...that's what we are facing here in Edmonton these days.  At times like this, I thank my lucky stars that I'm a gal that loves the winter season.  Being swathed in a cocoon of sweaters and soft heavy fabrics pleases me just fine!  As our winters are exceptionally long, layering becomes more important if we want to get more wear out of our spring/summer clothes.  I truly love my floral dresses and airy chiffon blouses, and it would be a pity if there were only 3 months per year that I could wear them without my teeth chattering.  The summer months may also necessitate layering if you work in an office where the A/C is cranked all of July and August, which so many are!...A definite bane of mine.  Another obvious benefit of layering, apart from the ability to wear your summer clothes year round, is that you can prepare for whatever weather change comes your way by shedding or adding a layer or two.

Aw, this outfit is so adorable!  When layering, a smart move is to ensure that you are layering clothes with different sleeve lengths and hem lengths.  This will avoid bulking and allow you to show off each piece that you have on.

If you do decide to layer a short sleeved sweater over a long sleeved top, ensure that the under layer is fitted.  Imagine how off this brown and orange combo would look if the orange sleeves were loose fitting.  Adding a belt also creates a nice silhouette and give this look some shape. 

Give your outfit more depth by mixing not only lengths, but textures and patterns too.  Stocking up on leggings and tights is a sure fire way to make sure you get more wear out of your dresses and skirts without freezing your gams!  It's a basic concept however,  I see fewer and fewer ladies in dresses this time of year...

This is probably my favourite look of all!  When putting an outfit like this together, it may seem like too much, but look how nicely it's executed.  The caramel sweater vest is a nice touch and lightens up the whole ensemble.

The days are allegedly getting longer but there's still the homestretch to go!    

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