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Friday, December 3, 2010

Working Girl

As a lady who has spent the majority of her working days in office environments, I know first hand how challenging it can be to express individual style while dressing in conservative, business casual attire.  There is nothing under the sun that I hate shopping for more than work pants.  In fact, I'm going on 2 years in search of the perfect pair of black dress pants.  Apparently I am not alone in this quest for stylish, office appropriate clothes and finally retailers are listening to our pleas!  Previously, one had to pay top dollar to buy office clothes that weren't dowdy, ill fitting and drab.  We are now seeing more affordable brands like Jacob, Joe Fresh and H&M coming out with office wear that is flattering and of good quality; I'm talking lined skirts and buttons that aren't cheap shiny plastic.


This beautiful brocade tulip dress adds shape as it hugs the waist-line.  The charcoal shimmer pattern splashed on the black background is intriguing while still work appropriate.

Details and accents really do make all the difference, and they let you punch up monochromatic uniform outfits.  This turtleneck dress from Mango is made exponentially more interesting by adding the adorable accent belt.  A pretty way to break up the dark silhouette sheath.


  As I had mentioned...trousers are a bane of mine.  When you find the right pair that are comfortable and fit you well, there's nothing better; but the hunt can be daunting.  What I love about this pair is that they are form-fitting and the pleating adds shape (something that comes in handy when you have a boyish figure comme moi!).  Plus they remind me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face :)

Play with texture and fabric and opt for a leather or suede pencil skirt.  A fun spin on a conventional cut!  

Find work wear that you feel attractive and professional in and you will undoubtedly exude confidence!

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