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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pics Of My Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!!

My honey RJ in the middle of two ravishing ladies channelling their "inner flapper." Love you Michelle and Vicky MWAAHH!!
Travis our fine host! Happy hunting?? Check out Frenchie in the background; that's my little sis, Melanie!! Luvs the beret (that's for you Stacey!!)

Me (Row) on the left with my other sis, Jessica!! Thanks for throwing the Movember Bash Jessi and Happy Housewarming to you and Travs!!

"The Three Sistas!" Beautiful Mos...

Me and Su (my dancing partner!)

Here are some fine gentlemen! From left, Ryan, Ed, and Steve. Great Mo Bros pic:)

My sister Mel with her bestie Krystal!! Love the derby hat:)

Jessi paying tribute to our enchanted Audrey.

Cowgirl beauty - Mel's other bestie, Sarah:)

Saved the best for last! Here is our lovely Vicky wishing she lived in the 40s. Luvs ya!!!

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