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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bringin Sexy Back

We all have that one physical feature that we feel is our best, and that we try to highlight and show off.  One style that I've really gotten into since this past summer is backless tops and dresses.  The secret to pulling off backless get-ups is to find the right bra to provide support while remaining hidden.  (Going without is also an option, but if you can find a reliable lift, why not?)  

When I bought this bodysuit and dress in July, I loved how comfortable, sexy and versatile they were.  The problem I found however, was that I didn't have the proper bra to go with something with such a low back.  I shopped around and tried a few products on the market.  Here's my brief critique! 


The adhesive strip style of bra is useful in that it doesn't show through your clothes and provides a near invisible bra solution.  The challenge I had with this style is that the adhesive was not very sticky and the bra peeled off within an hour or two.  This style is best worn by an A-cup as it doesn't provide much of support.

This low back bra is a viable option and a strong contender.  The support is certainly there however this style loses brownie points in the "invisibility" category.  The strap at the back limits how low of a dress or top you can wear.  If the back dips lower than the bra, it will be noticeable.

Nubra offers a solution that I find works best for me.  These cups pretty much have it all.  They offer support (and this line has a new push-up cup), the adhesive actually stays on for hours (I've sweat in them in 30 degree heat with no problem!), and there are no straps at the back so you can go as low as you dare!  Prices range on the Nubra, I got mine for $60 but it is worth the price tag and you get many wears out of it.


  1. Great post - I have two body suits from American Apparal that have a low back, and its such a challenge figuring out which bra to wear! Will definitely check out the Nubra! Thanks for this.



  2. Aw thanks Caroline! The Nubra is awesome, lemme know how it goes!