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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Perfect Winter Glow

Tis the season for our skin to to win the battle against the cold and harsh elements that winter brings. Most of us experience winter weary skin - dryness, dullness, and sometimes itchiness! What I also experience is that my skin gets so dry in the winter that it becomes sensitive to certain skin products that would normally be perfectly fine to use in the non-winter months. I believe that most of us who try to strive for that Perfect Winter Glow have found that switching skin care products and your skin care routine are essential to achieving this goal. I have researched some 'Winter Skin Care' tips which I hope will help you in being victorious against the battle of dry winter skin. Get your skin armour on!!


Winter Skin Care Tips:

1) Gently Cleanse -  Choose a gentle facial cleanser and a creamier body cleanser instead of soap or gels. Use products with gentle, hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, lavender, sunflower oil, mondo grass, and other plant based botanicals.

2) Use A Thick Moisturizer -They will seal in the moisture and reduce in transdermal moisture loss (water leaving the body).

3) Exfoliation - For the winter months, use a soft exfoliator that contains ingredients such as finely milled grape seeds or sugar-type exfoliators to whisk away the debris.

4) Time Your Bath Or Shower - Keep showers under 10 minutes and baths under 20 minutes. Additional water time will just dehydrate the skin.

5) Follow The 3-Minute Rule (my dermatologist told me this one!!) - After you wash, you only have 3 minutes to add moisture back to the skin before it seals itself off. So after you wash, towel dry and add a deep conditioning, moisturizing product all over the body within 3 minutes to maximize the effect of your product and to protect your skin.

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