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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Shopping For Your Mister

If shopping for the man in your life proves to be a bit of a challenge, allow us to share some gift ideas with you!  Some men are less than forthcoming when it comes to giving hints, or don't give a lot of thought to what they might like for Christmas.  This can be more than a little bewildering!  Typically, you can't go wrong with electronics.  Men seem to love the latest gadgets on the market.  If you have noticed that your mister could use a boost in the fashion department, check out these hot finds!

This ipad case is simply to die for!  I love how this worn and somewhat tattered leather is made to house such a contemporary piece of equipment.  Brillz!


Fossil makes some of the coolest and cutting edge watches, but they also master vintage and retro styles too.  If your sweetheart is always running a few minutes behind schedule...perhaps your gift hunt stops here!


These oval nickel cuff links from Kenneth Cole are well suited for almost any occasion, whether it be business or formal.  The design is sleek but not over the top gaudy.

Urban Outfitters offers some less conventional jewelry ideas.  This key bracelet and nail ring are for guys who appreciate quirky and ironic conversation pieces.  

If a wardrobe overhaul is what you have in mind for your honey, your best bet is to find versatile pieces that can be incorporated into multiple looks.  


This pair of combat boots ($40.90) and jeans ($45.90) from Forever 21 achieve two very different looks.  In the first photo, the denim and boots combo is matched up with a velveteen blazer ($45.90), belt ($9.90) and t-shirt ($12.90), which result in a geek-chic feel.  The second look is made more urban rugged by adding a scarf ($12.90) and cargo jacket ($43.90).  When shopping, think of what your guy has in his closet and  select pieces that would work best with what he already has.  Whichever gifts you choose, as long as they're bought with thought and sent with love, they will be well received!

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