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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Delightful Gifts For Under $50

Whenever I finish my Christmas shopping early, I stumble across other lovely items well after the fact that would have suited the recipient better.  My other tendency is to start out shopping for other people...but then come home with bags of stuff for myself.  I know it's horrible, and I'm totally guilt-ridden!  All the retailers bring out the big guns and have their best stock and the latest styles at unbelievable prices.  We are 3 days away from the 25th, but judging by the congested mall parking lots and bumper to bumper traffic, I know there are still some last minute shoppers out there.  For those still on the hunt for unique gifts at a great value, here are some choice gifts for under $50!

If your bestie is a glamazon who refuses to leave the house without putting on her face and being perfectly manicured, you can't go wrong with giving her goodies for her vanity table.  Sephora's nail polish line by O.P.I is offering this luminous set of 6 full size polishes for $42.  This is a super value considering the long lasting wear and richness of the enamel.  I love that the set ranges from understated mattes to glittery vamp colours!

 Urban Outfitters has started to carry Anna Sui's makeup line, and the packaging is just as pretty as the makeup.  Some designers perfect the ability to inject their signature look and mood into everything they do.  Anna Sui is definitely one of those designers.  This lip colour palette and mirror carry the same sexy mystique that her clothes do, at a reasonable $38 price. 

 This piece ($29.80) incorporates pretty much every style of necklace.  One might think a lace bib, draped chains, rhinestones and cameo would be too much to have in one necklace, but come on...who doesn't want to to be borderline over the top once in a while?  Where's the fun in being square?


It's a's a's a sleek leather sewing kit from Fossil, ideal for a DIY Kris Kringle.  This kit is stocked with everything that a seamstress (or anyone really) would need.  Needles, pins, scissors, thread and a measuring tape are all included in this neat little package for only $30.  
I simply love the way this velveteen evening bag is made to look like an old coin sack, chain drawstring and all!  This gift is perfect for a gal into vintage glam.  I'm picturing red lipstick and finger curls. If you know one such gal, this bag is only $39.90 at Zara.

3 days and counting....

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