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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knockin Boots

One of my and Row’s favourite things are boots!  A cool pair of boots can simply make and outfit.  In my opinion, Row is a pro at rockin high heels.  I, on the other hand, struggle with anything higher than 3", and in any heel other than a stacked heel, I look like Bambi on ice!  (But I'm learning.)  This is why I have to be ever so prudent when it comes to buying boots and shoes.

Miz Mooz is an awesome label that started out in 2001.  This brand engineers their footwear so well that one can walk for miles and miles without getting sore feet. 

One of my lovely co-workers (Cochise), recently bought these Miz Mooz Shelley boots and is the envy of all the office gals!

 A couple years back I got my hot little hands on these Abott Mid Heel Knee-High boots in dark brown.  The leather is phenomenal quality and they still look as good as new!  If you are in the Edmonton area, some better known retailers carrying Miz Mooz are Town Shoes, Gravity Pope and Divine.

There is nothing better than finding that uniquely cobbled pair of shoes or boots that not every girl has.  Whether it be an edgy design, bold stitching, uncommon colour, or a combination of all three, footwear that has that extra je ne sais quoi is difficult to resist.  

On our trip to France, Row and I found some great deals on boots with some character.  

I loved these brogue boots so much and the store didn't have my I bought them a size and a half too small and had them professionally stretched twice.  It's borderline madness but now they fit and love them!  Definitely worth all the Jardin des Tuileries blisters :)

Row found her sexy booties at Galeries Lafayette.  We were on our way out and stumbled upon them.  They look amazing and have so much detail and embellishment.  A perfect marriage between cutesy and vampy!


P.S. I saw these and loved them so I had to include the pic here.  I need a lot more high heel practice before I could pull these babies off...but a girl can dream can't she? 

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