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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Va Va Voom

Went to the gym this evening to do the "Y" workout. Basically, didn't work out, just took advantage of my YMCA plus membership and sat in the hot tub and steam room:) Sooo relaxing!! When I entered the common area of the change room, I noticed the women all fixated on the television. The volume was a little louder than usual but paid no attention and continued about my business with my regular after shower routine. A few minutes passed, and I noticed that all of the women were still glued to the TV. So now I had to take a peek at what they were watching. I too was now intrigued. CBS was airing the 2010/2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I thought to myself, "how cool" as this was what my post was going to be about today - lingerie part deux!!

Without further a due, check out these seductress finds:)

For those of you who missed out, I blogged about this fantastic and affordable lingerie boutique in Paris called Soleil Sucre ( The above image is from their 2010/2011 Fall Winter Collection. The plum and pink tones add extra romance to this sexy number!!

This winter white ensemble is also from Soleil Sucre. The petite bows and lace detail I just love (I have this in fuchsia).

This is how every woman should lounge around the house - in stunning lingerie!! This beautiful black silk night gown is from Princess Lingerie right here in Edmonton. They have some lovely, timelessly seductive finds. Shop now at

Hanky Panky Retro Lace Thongs (above left image) are absolutely comfortable and they come in a variety of colors. You can pick these up now online at or if you are in Edmonton visit My Filosophy on Whyte Ave or Crestwood ( La Senza also carries some equally comfy lacey undies (pictured above right). Both of these brands are great for wearing under jeans - no panty lines!!

In honor of the airing of Victoria's Secret 2010/2011 Fashion Show this evening, I took the liberty of hand selecting a sample of my favorite pieces from their holiday collection.

Click on the below image to check out a short video clip of tonight's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! These Angels are HAWT!!



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