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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Right Price Mix

When on a budget, or just being plain wise about money, mixing inexpensive pieces with higher ticket items keeps you stylish without breaking the bank.  The key is to spend your wardrobe dollars on items that can't be substituted without looking cheap.  There's a major difference between an inexpensive pair of boots and a cheap pair.  Tacky stitching, fake looking vinyl or leatherette, can take an outfit from cool to cheap in the blink of an eye.  The idea is to find great bargains where you can, but look like you've spent a fortune.  Costume jewelry, pants, blouses and blazers are usually items that can be bought at a reasonable price and look great.  Footwear, especially leather footwear, is trickier to find at a bargain without looking the part.  You've got to scour sales shelves and sometimes you are better off splurging for a good quality pair of boots or shoes.  They'll likely last longer and you'll get your money's worth.  Allocate a few more dollars and cents when it comes to coats, boots and bags (especially your staple wool coat or black boots).

Here are a few high/low combos that may strike your fancy...

Combo 1:
Sexy stackable rings only $20 CAD at

Sexy black dress with leather paneling and rear cutouts. 
$139.99 USD

These platform knee-high boots $47.80 CAD
Combo 2:

Tweed and satin pumps, only $44.88 USD at

A bit more on the pricey side...these Bec & Bridge pants are a whopping $155 USD, but they sure are pretty!

New from, this necklace is $218 USD.

This cobalt blue blouse from would look simply lovely tucked into the Bec & Bridge pants.
Combo 3:

Sequined Michael Kors shorts $120 USD at

Fluttery forest green blouse only $25 USD at

Lace tights, only $7.80 CAD at

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