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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Soleil Sucre

I recently indulged in pastries and macaroons at The Duchess Bakery on 124th street and it made me think of when Stacey and I took a trip to Paris in 2008. Sigh...we need to go back very soon! Anywho, amongst the many fascinating sites and sounds we experienced in Paris, we stumbled upon a quaint gem of a lingerie boutique called, Soleil Sucre ( tucked in a corner street of town, . The store was very pink and floral and was adorned with baby angels and chandeliers. Of course, my initial thought was "we can't afford any of the lingerie in here." Regardless, Stacey and I took a peek inside anyway. This obviously isn't the boutique we went to, but just wanted to add a visual for you all!!

I was in absolute heaven!! The lingerie was sexy, yet fun and tasteful. The collections were so versatile in color, fabric, and design that any woman who walked through their doors would find something that perfectly hugged their curves and fit their body type. The best part about Soleil Sucre is that it was beyond affordable (most of the bras and panties were sold separately, and were equivalent to the price point of Victoria's Secret)!! 

When Stacey and I picked out a few lingerie pieces to try on, the sales clerk informed us that they had no change rooms? WTF. The next thing Stacey and I knew she walked us over to a full length mirror in the store, gestured that we pull our tops up to try the bras on? Again, WTF. I can only imagine what our puzzled faces looked like as she then proceeded to do it for me. She grabbed the end of the top I was wearing, and lifted it to my chin. She then requested that I unhook my bra, so without thinking, I did. The sales clerk then grabbed the bra that I wanted to try on, unhooked it and proceeded to put the bra on me. To my surprise, my initial response, which should have been mortified, was "how clever of her to cheat her store policy of 'no trying on of lingerie' to help us tourists." Even though I did not have the bra straps on properly, as it was only hooked into place, the sales clerk's creative bra-trying-on ways were a success! It was a perfect fit. Not too tight around the band. No unwanted back fat. Yup. I bought 2 lingerie sets. Weird experience. Yes. But, I walked away feeling sensual and sexy with my lingerie purchase. 

My fellow Pleasury readers, stay tuned for my next post, November 30th, where I will share some sweet lingerie finds that you can get in Edmonton and online!! 


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