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Saturday, December 11, 2010

For the Mall Weary...

This time of year, there are a million and one things we have to shop for and little time to do it in (unless of course  you are like me and finished all your Christmas shopping in October...).  From Christmas presents, to holiday outfits and decorations, the month of December can be a fun but exhausting one.  The shopping centers can be nightmarish as well, with thousands of shoppers hunting for the perfect gift.  And of course, as everyone is under the same time pressure, manners are sometimes left at the door!  A less than pleasant situation.  (Especially for my fellow germophobes!  It's flu season people...when you use the Interac machines, wash your hands right after or carry some wet naps in your purse.  Those machines are a germ haven!)

For those of you opting to forgo the mall experience this year and are hoping to do some online shopping for the latest fashions, here are some sites that we are fans of and that deliver to Canada!

Topshop is a British chain that has finally started delivering to Canada.  This retailer carries edgier UK styles and trendier fashions.  If there is a look that you've seen in magazines but for whatever reason, can't find it in the stores, check out this site.  They tend to stock clothing and accessories that mirror what is currently happening in the Euro and UK fashion scenes.  Delivery to Canada is £7.50 and they ship in 5 to 7 working days.  Have a gander at Kate Moss' collection for Topshop...SO CUTE!  Here are some looks from the site that I'm feelin!

I love how the shape of this chiffon ruffle skirt is feminine and flowing, yet the patterning is somewhat dismal.  You could really do a lot with this skirt! 

The details in this leather jacket totally make it eye-catching; This is my current favorite shade of leather!

Forever 21 is an incredibly affordable retailer that also stocks some trendier young styles.  Sometimes the stores can be a little overwhelming though.  Navigating through the labyrinth of clothing racks and crowds of people may not be what you are looking for during the busy month of December.  You can peruse and purchase their latest styles online, and shipping is free in Canada for purchases over $60!  Brilliant!

I absolutely love this look from head to toe.  The sweater is so cool; I swear my mother used to have one like it.

How cute is this frilly red scarf.  Row would look great in it!  Sorry my dear, your present is already wrapped and under the tree!

The last, and probably my most favourite site to shop on, is Mod Cloth.  I could literally spend hours scouring this site.  They carry a lot of unique styles that you likely won't see anyone else traipsing about town in.  Everything I've bought from them has always been delivered promptly and in the best condition.  They name their clothes as well, it's adorable and witty, you'll see.  

Okay, so I know it's a bit dowdy and  borderline Von Trapp family but I love this dress.  The Peter Pan collar is adorable and I think one could make it look mature by wearing vamp accessories, pumps and make

I just want to wear this dress, eat macaroons and sip on a caf√© au lait.  Like floating on a cloud :)

These boots are the embodiment of cool.  When it comes to details, clearly nothing was overlooked!

If you do choose to do some online shopping this holiday season I have two suggestions!  The first is to know your size in the brand you are buying, especially for shoes!  The other is to please please look up the return and exchange policy prior to clicking Process Payment.  I don't want you left in the lurch right before Christmas!

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