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Friday, December 10, 2010

All That Glitters

Without a doubt, glimmer and shimmer are essential to any holiday make up regime. As the decor of the festive season is "shiny and bright," so too, is the holiday makeup selection from some of your fave brands. Glitter has the marvelous ability to turn any type of makeup to glamorous (of course enhancing the already gorgeous features of the wearer!) Glitter is not just for the face, it can also be applied to various parts of your body such as your neck, collarbone, and back, to accentuate your fave holiday dress. Here are 3 types of shimmer products. 

As there are only 14 more shopping days until Christmas, we thought we would help you out by picking beauty products that you can get all at Sephora ( Enjoy!!

1) Cream shimmers typically last the longest and are great to highlight your cheekbones or eyelids.

This limited edition glitter cream eyeshadow set ($40) from Sephora includes 5 creamy eyeshadow shades with diamond dust that will definitely add some glimmer to your gaze!

2) Liquid Shimmers are the ideal choice for super glossy lips. They are also great to illuminate your eye lids and the inner corners of your eyes. There are also hair products with glitter in them to add some sparkle to your mane.

This is an awesome lip gloss from Bobbi Brown ($20) with high shine and a touch of sparkle.

This gel-based eyeliner is a great find ($12) as it adds plenty of glitter to the lashline! I LOVE this color!
Add a glittering glow to your body and hair with this Silver Glitter Spray. A steal of a deal as it is only $10!

3) The most popular and classic of all the shimmer products, are those that are powder based. Remember, a little goes a long way. It's best to apply the shimmer with a wet brush as it lasts longer. Fave body parts to apply the star dust - face, eyes, cleavage, shoulders, and back. Voila! Ultra Glam!!

This is my go to product! It's only $13 and because you don't need to use very much to create the perfect shimmer effect, this pot will last you a long time!

Today's post is dedicated to Tonia and her makeup artistry skills and beautiful blue eyes!!

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