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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For All Of The Dog Lovers

RJ and I were supposed to go to Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre in Edmonton together to take our furry babies, Hennessey and Benson, to take a picture with Santa. Unfortunately, work commitments on both our parts interfered with this plan and we decided not to go. 

When I told RJ what my post was going to be about today, he told me he had a surprise for me. He said that it had to do with "Christmas Crazee. (refer to my previous post regarding Christmas Crazee)." He went into our office and shut the door. I could hear him scrambling in there and papers ruffling. The anticipation was overwhelming. A few minutes later, I entered the office and he pulled out a shiny silver frame. I grabbed the frame to take a closer look and to my ultimate surprise, it was a picture from today, of Hennessey and Benson with Santa at Bonnie Doon Mall! RJ knew how much I really wanted to take our pups to see Santa today, so he took them on his own while I was at work. Thanks baby!!

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