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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Crazee!!

My fellow Fashion Diarist and good friend, Stacey, texted me the other night asking where I found my Christmas sweaters in years past. To my absolute delight, she told me that her and her Ma are getting, "Christmas Crazee!!" My family and I have started a tradition to dress festive on Christmas Day. 2010 will be year three of this splendid family tradition.

Initially, I had to coerce my family into thinking that this tradition would be fun. They're the best and have humoured me the last 2 years and just wear whatever festive outfit, or accessory, I happen to impose on them. As the fierce leader of Christmas Crazee and to spread the joy of the season, I dedicate today's post to Stacey and her familia. May the below family pics inspire your festive outfits for the holiday season. Enjoy my dear and our fellow readers. Bisous 

Clockwise from top right - my younger sis Mel, my other sis Jessi, and me. Gotta love those sweaters!

Starting from left: Me (Row), my mom Juliet, my stepdad Bill, and my sis Jessi! My other sis Mel missed Christmas last year as she moved to Perth, Australia with her honey Daniel!! I rocked the classic Dr. Seus inspired hat (love the springy thing on top!); my parents wore matching elf hats, and Jessi was a Christmas cowgirl! Woo hoo!! Awesome family photo!

This is my dog "Hampton" Hennessey. She enjoys the finer things in life and just looks adorable in her Santa hat, Christmas bandana, and fuzzy jingle bell bracelets. She loves posing for the camera.

This is the "little guy," Benson, Hampton Hennessey's little bro, sporting a handsome cable knit turtleneck sweater. Sooo cute!!

This is Bailey with her mommy Jessi. This was her first Christmas Crazee with the family so we took it easy on Bailey and she just wore the fuzzy jingle bell bracelets (well actually, she refused to wear anything else!)

This is Ernie. We call him "Big Ern" for short. He does so well emulating the Christmas spirit with the reindeer antlers, fuzzy jingle bell necklace, and black boots. Great pic Big Ern!

Here is RJ doing his best Grinch face. He is such a huge fan of Christmas Crazee!!

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