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Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Mane-tenance

For those of us who are still in denial (me included!), that winter is not here as it is plus 5 in early November, you can put off getting your winter tires, but, it is time ladies, to begin your winter hair maintenance regime. To assist you in kick starting your routine, here are a few tips from Stacey and I.

The key to maintaining healthy, shiny hair, is to be proactive in protecting your mane from the winter elements. To prevent staticky strands, brittle and dry hair, my winter care package includes products that really hydrate. I recommend using Kerastase's Masque Nutri-Thermique (it costs $54, but it goes a long way when you only have to use it once a week!) As this product has a heat activated formula, when you rinse it out with hot water, its nutrients get sealed in to your hair, thereby creating a protective barrier. When applying this product to your locks, I also recommend applying it 2 inches away from your scalp and then pull it through your hair to the ends.
For the Sistas out there, this tip is for you! Stacey's mane secret to her dark, ultra soft, and shiny locks is extra virgin olive oil. Prior to washing, massage a handful of extra virgin olive oil into your hair and really concentrate on saturating the product into your ends. Leave the product in your hair for 20 minutes, then rinse and wash your hair as you normally would. Stacey highly recommends using this olive oil treatment once per week to protect your strands from the hair-raising changes of the winter season!
For more tips on how you can create the best coifs, check out this short video, "How To Manage Winter Hair With Organic Products" at We hope you find your perfect winter mane-tenance package.


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