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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a Position on Juxtaposition

Today's thought revolves around juxtaposition and why contrast, rather than similarity, appeals to us when we are making fashion choices.  Perhaps this is because we are able to achieve a certain balance when choosing pieces that are essentially opposites.  For example, if we pair a girly floral blouse with a pastel blazer, this look is ultra feminine, which is nice.  However, if we take the same blouse and mix it up with a black leather motorcycle jacket, the hardness of the black leather jacket offsets the floral print for a look that is still feminine but also strong.


The leather and floral look is depicted in the center photo.  Also a great juxtaposition is the last model.  Strong masculine shoulders with sexy, form fitting skinny jeans!

The same idea holds true for menswear.  When executed correctly, menswear can be very sexy and bold.  Vests, tweed and herringbone, oxford shoes, ties, crisp button-up shirts...these are all key pieces for a killer menswear outfit.  To wear this style well, contrast plays a strong role as it is important to pair these masculine pieces with something feminine.  A statement piece of jewelry, red lipstick or 5 inch stilettos are all great options.  See how well this look is executed below.

 Source: The Sartorialist

 Have fun, change it up and never settle for boring!!

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