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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something for the gents…

A cheerful and debonair waiter at Les Deux Magots in Paris inspired today’s post.  On our 2008 trip to Paris, Row and I stopped into Les Deux Magots for breakfast.  Our waiter was the gentleman shown below.  He exuded this vibe of eternal happiness and total comfort with himself.  This may explain why he was able to pull off this mutton chop look with such ease.

We admired how well manicured his sideburns were and how much this look suited him.  Facial hair styles allow men to experiment with their look in a non-committal way, and the options are near endless.  Goatees, soul patches, 5 o’clock shadows, handlebar moustaches…

Perhaps while your lady is pondering if she should cut side-swept or blunt cut bangs this season, you may want to make a change of your own.  Whichever style you choose (including clean shaven), feel comfortable and confident in your choice, maintain your look and stay well groomed, and most importantly…rock it in a way that is quintessentially you!

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