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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Off The Deep End

The Save Scona Pool Action Team partnered with Parlour Magazine to host an art exhibition and fashion show in an effort to save the Scona pool from closure. The community came together to support the pool and the turnout was nothing short of spectacular! The crowd was an eclectic mix of athletes, community residents, fashionistas, students, and local artists.

Naturally, the Scona pool was the star of the evening, with the audience surrounding the water's edge. The pool was decorated with Tri-Kiet Vuong's photography. He generously donated photos that he had taken at Scona pool for an underwater fashion shoot, which will be featured in this month's Parlour Magazine. The fluidity of motion and aquatic beauty of the models and fabrics were captured in these shots.

The evening commenced with an impressive foursome of synchronized swimmers.  Their performance was an excellent display of athleticism and femininity.  Also highlighting that the pool was the birth of many athletes, there was a butterfly stroke race between 3 legendary Scona swimmers.  One of which donned a shiny gold speedo, think Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Classic!

Now let's get to the fashion...

The show started with fashions from Bamboo Ballroom.  The general theme was evening wear and cocktail dresses.  Fun, flirty and sexy!!  Come out to the
Gentle Fawn Fashion Show Featuring Foosh & The Bamboo Ballroom
on November 11th at The Common, 10124 124 St, Edmonton AB.

The second line was from Jessica Halabi Fashions.  One of our favourite pieces was a grey cigarette pant with black trim detailing the pockets and outer seam.  Also featured was a knee-length jumper with a ribbon detail enclosure on the back, and a mini wine-coloured pleated skirt.  Overall, the line was romantic and edgy.

Melncoly designer, Melyssa Nielsen, flaunted her jewelry creations, designed specifically for the event.  Her daring pieces included hair fringe necklaces and full body pieces draped over lingerie clad models.  Très dangereux!  

The show closed with Suka Designs.  See our November 4th post for pics from her new line.  Stunning as always.

Please help save Scona Pool and attend the next Off The Deep End event, which will be a fundraiser banquet and silent auction on Saturday November 27th at Dynasty Century Palace.  The dinner will include a 10 course Chinese-style meal.  Tickets are $50 earch and for a reserved table, book 10 tickets.  Call 780-436-9916 to purchase tickets. 

The best way to show your support to help save Scona Pool is to make use of this awesome facility!  Check them out today for upcoming activities: 72nd avenue, Edmonton AB.


  1. Sweet, thanks for writing about the event! It was awesome :)

  2. The ambience and fashion was terrific! Not to mention the community support!!