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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brooches, Belts and Beautiful Things

If our wardrobe is a narrative, telling a story about our personal style, I would like to think of accessories as the punctuation for this narrative; the added emphasis that completes your look and perfects the message you are trying to convey with your style.

I have always been a huge fan of accessories, whether it be simple classic pieces or large statement costume jewelry pieces.  In today's post I'm thrilled to bits to share some of my favourite accessories with you! 

Not your grandmother's brooch...

Seen above is 2 of my most beloved brooches.  The first, an amethyst purple and off white stone faceted brooch, and the other a Maltese cross interpretation brooch in turquoise.  Brooches have made a resurgence in more recent years and can now be found with more modern designs.  The lovely thing about brooches is that there are a million ways to wear them!  Add a nice accent to the chest on blazers, pin on necklaces, smarten a button up collared shirt by adding it to the top shirt button in place of a bow or tie, or use functionally as a pin to fasten a scarf.

This green amber ring was a gift from Row.  What I love most about this piece is that while it's large, the black backdrop prevents it from being gaudy or too much (Not that there is anything wrong with that!).  The stone is ridged and angled...details, details details...that is what makes a brilliant accessory.

Scarves and belts are accessories that also provide a great deal of latitude and functionality.  The variations of size, colour, pattern, material and fabric are near limitless; especially when we examine scarves and the numerous ways to tie a scarf!  Check out some of these styles (I'm a big fan of the ascot wrap!):

One last accessory that is understated and totally under-rated is the hat.  I don't have nearly enough hats, but I suppose that gives me a project to work on and this is the season for it!  Here's a picture of me wearing a scarf, hat, brooch and sunglasses. 

Can you tell that I'm a girl who LOVES her accessories?

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